Clenli Direct Channel Blocks 3KG

Clenli Direct Channel Blocks 3KG is a highly fragranced channel blocks that freshen and neutralise unpleasant odours associated with male washrooms.

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PDCB free – contain no Paradichlorobenzene. Ocean fresh fragrance that freshens and neutralises odours in male washrooms. Detergent based formulation cleans as it fragrances. Helps prevent limescale. Easy to use, water soluble block. Perfume will last the lifetime of the block. Conveniently packed in buckets for access and storage.



Place in the gents urinals / channels. May be suspended in washrooms to smell room.



Store in original container and protect from extremes of temperature. Do not store in direct sunlight nor allow the product to freeze. Shelf life (in unopened original container) is a minimum of 18 months.



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Specification Measurement
Appearance (20ºC) Solid White Block
pH Level 1
Odour Ocean Fresh Fragrance
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