Clenli Direct Alloy Wheel Cleaner 5L

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Clenli Direct Alloy Wheel Cleaner 5L is an advanced formulation that effectively attacks baked on brake dust & heavy soiling, restoring wheels to their original shine. It also cuts through the toughest of grime and dries quickly to leave a sparkling clean finish. Developed from a blend of amphoteric surfactants, nonionic surfactants, sequestering agents, silicates, foam boosters, foam stabilisers, hydrotrope, corrosion inhibitors, non caustic alkalis, solvents and water soluble dyes.

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Clear, colourless, non viscous liquid. Economical in use. Solvents present ensures fast even drying. Fast drying prevents water marks. All surfactants used are biodegradable and phosphate free. Special blend emulsifies traffic film, grease and oil from wheels. Can be used for removing diesel & oil stains and spills from service station forecourts and pumps. Suitable for cleaning all vehicle types.


For fixed area and automatic vehicle washes, use at a concentration of between 1:200 – 1:65. For steam cleaning / hot pressure wash / cool pressure wash, use at a concentration of between 1:200 – 1:50. Apply at low pressure (50psi). Do not allow vehicle to dry. Sponge the vehicle which loosens soils and traffic film. Clean with plenty of water at high pressure. Use at a concentration of between 1:40 – 1:10 for cleaning forecourts and pumps etc.


Store in original container and protect from extremes of temperature. Do not store in direct sunlight nor allow the product to freeze. Shelf life (in unopened original container) is a minimum of 18 months.



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Appearance (20°C) Clear, Colourless, Non Viscous Liquid
Odour Characteristic
pH Level >13.5
Flammability Non Flammable
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