Blue Lobby Dust Pan and Brush Set

Blue Lobby Dustpan and Brush Set. Open mouth dustpans. High capacity storage space for larger objects such as aluminium cans and cups. Angled front edge ensures the pan retains both solid and liquid waste. Lightweight and durable. Simple to use and clean. Lid closes automatically or clips open for ease of emptying. Spill proof. Tough and durable. Colour Coded to reduce the risk of cross contamination. Available in blue, green, red, and yellow.
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Introducing our Lobby Dustpan and Brush Set, the ultimate solution for hassle-free cleaning in commercial spaces, offices, or even your home. Engineered with convenience and efficiency in mind, this set is designed to simplify your sweeping tasks while maintaining a clean and organized environment.


Featuring open mouth dustpans, our set ensures effortless debris collection with high capacity storage space. From aluminum cans to cups, no mess is too big for this dustpan to handle. The angled front edge guarantees efficient waste retention, accommodating both solid and liquid waste without a fuss.


Crafted for convenience, our dustpan and brush set is lightweight yet incredibly durable, offering long-lasting performance. Cleaning becomes a breeze with its user-friendly design, and maintaining hygiene is effortless thanks to its spill-proof nature.


No more struggles with emptying the dustpan – our set comes equipped with an automatic closing lid that seals in odors and keeps contents secure until disposal. Alternatively, the lid conveniently clips open for quick and easy emptying, saving you time and effort.


We understand the importance of hygiene, which is why our Lobby Dustpan and Brush Set is color-coded to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. Available in four vibrant colors – blue, green, red, and yellow – you can designate specific sets for different areas or tasks, ensuring a hygienic cleaning process every time.


Say goodbye to cumbersome cleaning routines and hello to efficiency with our Lobby Dustpan and Brush Set. Lightweight, durable, and designed for convenience, it's the perfect companion for any cleaning task, big or small.




Color Coded Cleaning


Color Coded Cleaning Blue


Normally used for General Cleaning Areas

Color Coded Cleaning Green


Normally used for Kitchen & Food Preparation Areas


Color Coded Cleaning Red


Normally used for Washrooms, Toilets & Bathrooms

Color Coded Cleaning Yellow


Normally used for Infectious Isolation Areas


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