The SAFE-T-IMOP is the world's first battery-powered scrubber dryer approved for ISO Class 5 cleanrooms (dry-brush mode only). It features electrostatic discharge protection, a brushless vacuum motor, an ULPA 15 air filter, and FKM anti-corrosion wheels. Ideal for cleanroom and non-cleanroom environments, it cleans and dries floors almost instantly, reducing slip hazards and increasing cleaning efficiency.

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Introducing the SAFE-T-IMOP, the world's first battery-powered scrubber dryer designed for cleanroom environments, boasting ISO Class 5 approval in dry-brush mode. The SAFE-T-IMOP stands out with its distinctive yellow color, signifying its suitability for cleanrooms. Its black water tanks are infused with carbon for electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection, and it features a brushless vacuum motor to prevent airborne particles. The replaceable ULPA 15 air filter ensures 99.99995% filtration of 0.12 micron or larger dust particles, maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness.


Equipped with FKM anti-corrosion wheels and a Primothane squeegee for chemical resistance, the SAFE-T-IMOP is built to last. Its soft brushes are gentle on cleanroom floors and sticky surfaces, such as Dycem mats, enhancing their longevity. The antimicrobial protection treatment adds an extra layer of hygiene, making it perfect for sensitive environments.


Certified for cleanroom ISO Class 6 in wet-brush mode, the SAFE-T-IMOP cleans over 75% faster than traditional mopping and 63% faster than comparable scrubber dryers, with a cleaning rate of up to 1,300 m²/h. It ensures floors are almost instantly dry, significantly reducing slip and fall hazards. The SAFE-T-IMOP transforms the operator's role from strenuous manual labor to a more efficient, motivated, and proud i-mop operator. Perfect for a variety of cleanroom settings, it redefines cleanliness and safety standards, making it an essential tool for maintaining pristine environments.




First ISO CLASS 5 Approved Scrubber Dryer Worldwide

Achieved with ULPA 15 filtration, a brushless motor, antistatic plastic, and a dust lock. *Dry-brush mode only.


Time Efficiency

Clean your cleanroom faster, allowing production to resume more quickly.


Cost Efficiency

Save millions annually with reduced cleaning time and lower cleanroom shutdown durations. The SAFE-T-IMOP offers an average ROI of 12 months.


Antimicrobial Protection

Equipped with Microban antimicrobial product protection.


Ergonomic Design

Minimizes stress and strain on the operator’s body with drive support included.


Cleanroom Floor Mats

Ideal for cleaning Dycem, Cleanzone, Workzone, and Floating mats.


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Specification Measurement
Hourly Performance Up to 1300 m²/h
Brush Speed 350 RPM
Brush Pressure 22.5 kg
Cleaning Width 460 mm
Solution Tank Capacity 4 L
Recovery Tank Capacity 6 L
Power Source 2 x i-power 9 batteries
Run Time 60-70 mins
Air Pressure from Filter 2.03 m/s
Material PP, Aluminium Alloy
Weight 18.5 kg
Dimensions (mm) 500 x 380 x 1200
Manufacturer i-team Global
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