Red Rhino Floor Pads (Pack of 5)

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For polishing a clean dry floor. Upgrading the finish quality after scrubbing.
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The Red Buff Pad used for light cleaning and buffing. It is constructed of polyester fibres in a semi open-textured, nonwoven pattern bonded with a durable adhesive.


This pad is designed for light duty cleaning and buffing. It will remove light scuff marks and dirt while producing a high gloss shine. For use with standard electric floor machines, orbital scrubbers and automatic scrubbers. Ideal for use on machines speeds up to 800 rpm.


The Red Buff Pad is made of 100% recycled polyester fibres and water-based resins. This pad has been designed for use on both sides.


Labeling is to clearly identify product, size, and quantity.

Green Initiative

  1. Polyester fibre used in our pads come from 100% post-consumer and industrial recycled waste product.
  2. Water Based Latex Resins are used in the manufacturing process. No phenol-formaldehyde resins are used in our binding process.
  3. Shipping cartons contain at least 45% recycled material.
  4. Plant is operating under EPA approved Clean Air Permit.
  5. In-house water treatment has reduced our waste water flow by 83%.

Directions for Use

Dust mop or sweep floors prior to cleaning or buffing. Damp mopping may be necessary if floors are heavily soiled. A spray cleaning solution may be use. Buff until glossy.

Product Care

To prolong the life of this product it may be washed using a hose with a pressure spray nozzle to remove soil. To dissolve heavy soil or finish this pad may be soaked in detergent or diluted stripping solution prior to washing.

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