From battery-powered walk-behind floor sweepers to industrial rider sweepers, a dependable floor sweeper will help you keep your facility free of debris and dust. Choose the high-quality commercial walk behind floor sweeper, designed to stand up to the harshest — and handle the most delicate — environments.

Clenli Direct has a wide range of models to choose from. Whether you need a lightweight commercial walk behind sweeper machine for clearing dust away from small and narrow areas or a heavy-duty ride-on industrial sweeping machine that cleans large spaces in little time, turn to our collection. Whatever your cleaning task, we’ve got a sweeper to match every requirement.

Walk Behind Sweepers

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  1. Dulevo 74

    The new Dulevo sweeper is a compact-sized machine containing all the technology of larger ...
  2. Comac CS50

    The motor powered or battery powered sweeping machine with a 65 cm working widt...

  3. Dulevo 700 M Srint

    The walk-behind manual sweeper is the perfect machine for cleaning wet and dry leaves, ...

  4. Haaga 697 Profi Plus Sweeper

    Haaga sweepers are characterized by a very easy handling and high quality. With the uniqu...
  5. Billy Goat

    Ideal for both residential and light commercial use.
  6. Dulevo 52

    Its convenient size means that it can be used in small and hard to reach areas and busy pu...
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