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Robotic Cleaning Has Arrived

Available Q1 2022

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Who Are LionsBot? Clenli Direct x Lionsbot

LionsBot are an innovative cleaning robotics company based in Singapore. LionsBot are committed to innovative cleaning solutions and strive to provide powerful cleaning robots. Winners of the Interclean Amsterdam Innovation Award in 2020, their robots can be found in 21 countries and counting! Thanks to our partnership, we are the exclusive distributor of LionsBot in Ireland.


The LionsBot Range



Clenli Direct - LeoScrub - Powerful Automated Robotic Scrubber Dryer

The LeoScrub is the perfect scrubbing system that delivers enhanced efficacy and incredible dryness came down to re-engineering every part of our scrubbing system.

Clenli Direct - LeoScrub Benefits

Clenli Direct - LeoVac - Powerful Automated Robotic Vacuum


Quietness? Check. Vacuum motor? No need! The LeoVac's revolutionary system utilises two high speed, hardy brushes to toss up dust and dirt, allowing for significantly quieter cleaning.

Clenli Direct - LeoVac Benefits


Clenli Direct - LeoMop - Powerful Automated Robotic Mopping

The LeoMop isn’t just a mop, but a revolution. Its patent-pending cleaning system features a heavy-duty roller, a stainless steel scraper, and a microfiber pad.

Clenli Direct - LeoMop Benefits

Clenli Direct - LeoPull - Powerful Automated Robotic Pulling


Not only powerful and with a long battery life, the LeoPull’s trailer attachment is fully customisable, able to fit your needs perfectly - suitable for any given challenge.

Clenli Direct - LeoPull Benefits


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