Indoor Clean Pole Trend Line 150 cm. Extendable to 10 m

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The Indoor Clean Pole is an innovative product.
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We were the first to launch an indoor glass washing solution into the market in 2005. Nowadays, these systems have concurred the worldwide market
and have won various innovation awards. Our Indoor Clean Pole, which can be built up to 10 metres, offers the perfect solution for cleaning difficult
and hard to reach areas, but also for regular glass. Throughout the years, we have developed some extra accessories, which resulted in a system
even more diverse. Examples of applications are, glass, natural stone floors, SS, mirrors, aluminium ceilings and any other smooth surface.

Comes with:

- leather belt
- battery with led indicator
- charger
- pump 12V in box
- bottle for pure water 500 ml
- 10 glass pads
- extra bag for pads

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