i-move 2.5b

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i-move 2.5b
The i-move 2.5B is a battery-powered, backpack vacuum cleaner.

Response within an hour

i-move 2.5b

Response within an hour


The lightweight and ergonomic i-move 2.5B is a well-balanced machine that allows you to move with maximum mobility and efficiency. As you wear the device on your back, the weight is evenly distributed across your body. The air exits out of the device sideways, so the air won’t blow on the cleaner. Thanks to the cordless design there’s no risk of tripping over wires.

Hard to reach places turn into easy to reach places with the agile i-move 2.5B. The device has 2 high-quality filters including a H11 Class filter, powerful suction (14 Kpa) and strong dirt pickup at 1100mmHg. Enjoy Cleaner air filtered from large dust and bacterial airborne contaminants.



-backpack vacuum

-battery operated


Carry weight4.58 kg (incl 1 batteries, excl. hose+wand)
Weight battery0.70 kg per battery
Body size (l x w x h)224x214x476mm
Hose length2 m (stored away 0,5 m)
Diameter of tools32 mm
Sound level72 dBA
Sealing Suction14.0Kpa
Airflow1.75 m3/min
Applicationdry only
Power sourcei-power 8.7
Run time52 min
Current (Max)9.6A
Power of machine250W
Motor (Voltage)28V
Speed adjustmentNo
Rotary hose couplingYes
Control boxYes
Charger typeExternal charger
Battery quantity per charger4
Charger-time4.3 hrs in 2A charger | 1.7 hrs in 5A charger
Material machinePP




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