Equinox™ (1 US Gallon)

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A high solids formula for ultra high speed (“UHS”) applications.
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Produces a coating so tough that it significantly reduces the frequency of re-coating and burnishing. Provides excellent gloss, scuff resistance and long lasting durability.

Description Polymer emulsion  
Coverage 2500 to 3000 ft2/gal 61 to 74 m2/liter  
Detergent Resistance Excellent ASTM D3207-92 (2008)
Appearance White milky liquid  
Fragrance Slight Ammoniacal  
Drying Time About 30 minutes  
Non-volatile solids 22% ASTM D2834-95 (2008)
Shelf Life 1 year ASTM D1791-93 (2008)
Freeze/Thaw Passes 3 cycles ASTM D3209-93 (2008)
Buffability Excellent  
Density 8.6 lb/gal @ 68°F 1.03 kg/L @ 20°C ASTM D1475-98 (2008)
VOC 0.06% (40 CFR Part 59 Subpart D)
Viscosity <10 centipoise (Brookfield) @ 68°F (20°C)
Removability Excellent ASTM D1792-06
Slip Resistance Meets requirements UL TM410
Specular Gloss >85 percent ASTM D1455-87 (2008)
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