Disposable Face Masks Ireland

Disposable face masks offer the necessary protection and allow you to comply with public health advice.

We hold a lot of disposable face masks in Ireland for fast dispatch and delivery.

For bulk order of our disposable face masks from our warehouse in Ireland please contact sales@clenli.ie

How to wear disposable face masks?

Make sure your face mask covers your nose and mouth all the way down to your chin.

Tighten the ear loops on the face mask so it’s snug around your face, without any gaps.

What not to do

  • Do not fidget with the face mask once it is on.
  • Don’t wear the face mask below your nose.
  • Don’t leave your chin exposed.
  • Don’t wear it loose with gaps on the side
  • Don’t wear the face mask so it just covers the tip on your nose.
  • Don’t wear disposable face masks under your chin and rest on your neck

Disposable Face Mask Tips

Always makes sure to wash your hand both before and after handling your face mask.

Change the disposable mask if it is dirty, wet, or damaged.

Carry unused disposable masks in a sealable waterproof bag.

Use a separate bag to put your used face masks in.

Safe Face Mask Removal

Always take of disposable face masks by the ear loops. Do not touch the front of the face mask and avoid touching your face.

Public health advice on disposable face masks in Ireland

Face masks are required by law in Ireland when using public transport.

Also wear a face mask in Ireland if –

staying 2 metres apart from other people is difficult

in a health care setting such as hospitals, GP surgeries, care settings, nursing homes, and dental practices

when visiting anyone who is more at risk from coronavirus - such as people aged 70 or over or people who are medically vulnerable

This information is taken for HSE.ie

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