Comac C100

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Comac C100
Comac C100 is a high-tech, ride-on scrubber-dryer in Comac's industrial 'C' range. that uses innovative technology to optimize operations while reducing costs.

Response within an hour

Comac C100

Response within an hour


Performance, power and safety are a guarantee with the C100 with features such as anti-skid and non-marking wheels, front and rear LED headlights and the working program selector enables operator to select activity about to be carried out. The Comac C100 is able to work in any environment such as production sites, warehouses, shopping centers, supermarkets and logistics centers.


  • Front and rear LED headlights as standard to guarantee maximum visibility
  • Suction tool
  • Constant solution flow









-Two configurations available. The Essential configuration makes C75 a simpler, more essential industrial floor scrubber, indispensable for all cleaning operations which are primarily focused on excellent performance. C75 in the Bright configuration, meanwhile, is richer, capable of offering optimal performance combined with the maximum levels of existing technology for industrial compact scrubber dryers in this category.

-Intuitive driving and simple controls for both Essential and Bright configurations

-Working position raised and decentralized to improve visibility during cleaning operations

-The steering wheel, new generation drive pedal and seat with super comfortable armrests ensure maximum comfort for the operator even when the scrubbing machine is used for long periods

-Front motorwheel in AC with antiskid and non-marking wheel to ensure maximum adherence on any type of floor, even when wet

-Steel frame coated with cataphoretic paint which provides it with remarkable resistance to corrosion

-Working program selector enables the operator to manually select the type of activity to be carried out

-The Bright configuration is equipped with a color touch screen display to make it even easier and more intuitive for the operator to use the scrubber dryer

-The rear view camera of the Bright configuration allows the operator to check for obstacles when reversing

-Possibility to install anti-collision sensor on the rear part of the floor scrubber to further increase safety

-Continuous sensor positioned on the steering wheel axle that recognizes the exact position of the front motorwheel, automatically reducing the speed in accordance with requirements, so that C75 can also move forward in a fluid manner, without interruption

-Brush head made of steel, to provide robustness and reliability over time

-Solution level sensor in Bright configuration allows automatic awareness of the level of solution in the tank of the floor scrubber

-Courtesy lights pack as standard to increase the visibility of the parts where the operator may be required to perform maintenance

-Parts requiring daily maintenance distinguished by yellow color

-Hydraulic brake which acts on the rear wheels, thus increasing safety and comfort

-Electric brake installed on the front motorwheel that functions as an emergency brake or parking brake



  • Theoretical productivity (up to sqm/h)
  • Scrubbing width (mm)
  • Brushes, quantity and type
    2 - Disc
  • Brush Ø (mm) 
  • Pressure on the brush (min - max) (kg)
  • Solution tank (l)
  • Recovery tank (l)
  • Supply/traction (V)
  • Autonomy up to (h)
  • Machine dimensions (l x w x h) (mm)
  • Squeegee width (mm)
  • GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) (kg)
  • Sound pressure level (ISO 11201 - dB (A))




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