The C130 is a powerful ride-on scrubbing machine, designed for cleaning large spaces. It is best suited to airports, railway stations, car parks, retail outlets, logistic centers and warehouses due to its large 130cm working width


The C130 offers superb cleaning performance – with a dual vacuum motor and side splash guards it perfectly scrubs and dries, leaving no marks or residue.

The new model C130 is equipped with a 4-disc brush head. When faced with heavy-duty cleaning operations and stubborn dirt, the disc brush pressure can be increased up to 180 kg. Coupled with an extendable, scrubbing brush head that reaches out to the right, the C130 can now deep clean and collect small debris at the same time.

Cleaning results are further maximized by the C130’s self-adjusting, cylindrical, a central brush which remains in constant contact with the floor. Delivering a consistent clean regardless of the surface type or the degree of bristle wear. While the powerful anti-skid and a non-marking motor wheel ensures optimal adherence on any floor type and excellent maneuverability in congested spaces.


The C130 is the perfect scrubbing machine for large environments. It is equipped with large 300-liter tanks which allow the operator to work for extended periods reducing stoppage times to empty or refill tanks. The C130 is available in battery, diesel or bi-fuel version. Notably, battery-powered versions of the machine can operate for up to 5 hours without any stoppage for extended work schedules.


There are 2 program configuration settings on the C130. The standard for moderately dirty surfaces and Plus, to remove resistant and stubborn dirt. Plus mode simultaneously increases the flow of detergent solution and the pressure on the brush, making it more effective at removing particularly stubborn dirt.

To increase efficiencies even further there are 3 additional programs available:

ECO - This is ideal for maintenance cleans as it reduces the consumption of water, detergent, and pressure (energy).

CDS - A dosing system for managing water and detergent separately. It enables the operator to increase or reduce their flow according to the type of dirt, thus avoiding waste.

STOP & GO - If your machine is temporarily ideal, the system will automatically stop the solution flow, halts the brushes and lifts off the floor the brush head, with no need for operator intervention. This serves to optimize consumption and reduce waste.


The new model C130 was designed with the operator in mind. The ergonomic seat ensures adequate back support, enabling operators to work more hours without fatigue. The driving seat, armrests and steering wheel that are all adjustable, to ensure easy reach of the controls.

Using C130 is so easy and intuitive, with just a knob and a 7” touch screen display you can control all functions of this machine. The working program selector enables the operator to quickly select the type of activity to be carried out while the forward/reverse lever enables the operator to choose from any one of three pre-set speeds.


Comac C130 offers high performance that is only matched by its reliability.

The machine’s sturdy structure is built from the most robust of materials. From its large bumpers to its high-density polyethylene tanks and auto-regulated pressure controls that protect the machine, its motors and the surrounding environment. The C130 has been cleverly designed to endure the test of time.